Monday, December 19, 2016

Safe and Reliable Transportation for Children in Charlotte NC!

Here is an outline of our rates;

Rolling Kidz is a transportation service that serves parents, guardians and others by transporting kids safely and reliably to their destination and as an emergency pick-up from school, any event or location.

As a Parent, Guardian, Group Leader, Business Owner or other entity Rolling Kidz can be your go to resource for the safe transportation of children anywhere within the greater Charlotte NC areas.

Contact Asia Brown, owner of Rolling Kidz and we look forward to being of service!

#Transportation for #Children in #CharlotteNC that you can trust!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Introducing Transportation for Children in Charlotte by Rolling Kidz!

#RollingKidz will be a premier transportation service for children in the greater Charlotte North Carolina area later in 2016 as we are currently working to develop our launch and the launch of our Mobile App. The services to be provided by Rolling Kidz will make it easy for parents, guardians and group leaders to get one or more children from point A to Z.

This is what we will be doing locally in Charlotte NC;

Our Mobile App is currently being developed and will be available on both Google Play and iTunes in a short period of time. The Rolling Kidz Mobile App will make it easy for Parents, Guardians and Group Leaders to track one or more children in our care. We are very excited about getting the #RollingKidzMobileApp live and functional!

Rolling Kidz is currently seeking to form mutually beneficial relationships with other businesses, churches, civic organizations and non-profits so that we can have multiple "way points" in-between destinations where our kids can have a rest stop and mingle with other children while under the constant care and supervision of a Rolling Kidz Team Member.

Please contact Asia Brown, Principal Owner of Rolling Kidz today via her website;

or her WordPress blog;

Or by email and phone at;

Monday, June 13, 2016

Rolling Kidz wants to do business with you in Charlotte North Carolina!

Hello Charlotte North Carolina! #RollingKidz is a transportation services company that is launching in late 2016 and we are seeking to form mutually beneficial cooperative relationships with select businesses, non-profits and civic organizations.

Here is what we offer;

Rolling Kidz wants to be your transportation choice for transporting your child or children whenever you have a need!

We are also developing our own mobile app and will launch it soon!

The #RollingKidz mobile app will be available for both Android and iPhone when we launch it as a free download on Google Play and iTunes! Please visit our website at; learn more about us! Your reply communications are welcomed!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Please visit our primary website at;

We are a transportation services provider that transports kids ages 5-15 to events, recreational sports practices, sleep overs, dance, academic and Summer programs and much more. We serve the Parents, Guardians and Group Leaders who need Rolling Kidz to provide transportation to, from or to and from and location.

Contact me, Asia Brown to learn more about our services! We serve the greater Charlotte NC area and will be expanding soon.